Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Funny

We all face 'the comments' from well meaning people curious and/or judgemental about our choice to homeschool.

Once, I got offended.

Then I got defensive.

Then I got evangelical (no converts sorry to say).

Now I just shut up and let my kids be the proof of the pudding.

I don't need to defend or convert anymore.

But every now and then, on a cranky day, I feel like this:

Based on an article from here

But this, this is what is really in my heart now:

To the lady with the blue jacket and the disapproving tone.
I am glad you enjoyed sending your kids to school.
Your eyes look sad and I wonder how much joy you have had in your life.
I wish you'd enjoyed picking them up as much as you did dropping them off.

To the man with the football beenie and the concerned frown.
I am happy for you that you met your best friends at school.
It sounds like it was a very positive experience for you.
I hope my friends have good mates like you as they grow up.

To the lady with the purple hat and the laugh lines.
Thankyou, I think my children are lovely too!

Because the comments people make, are often not about me but about them.

Have a good weekend!


  1. I actually felt quite defensive the other day when an old friend popped in to catch up and she's a teacher. She wanted to see what books we were using and what work my son had done and asked where we'd been out socialising, I felt like I was being interviewed or inspected and it was quite uncofmortable, I just wanted to tell her to mind her own business.

    But like you said the proof is in the kids, people have commented on how much calmer my son seems since being at home, which for a child with ADHD, aspergers and tourettes is a big compliment!! He is actually socialising better than he used to because he's not forced to do it in a classroom all day, his tics have lessened because his anxiety has lessened and he's absorbing so much more than he could ever focus on at school with all the distraction!! So I've decided next time I feel 'inspected' I will just politely smile and say just look at my son, we're doing ok!!

  2. Good for you! I won't alow others to put me on trial anymore. I don't make them defend their educational choices, why should I??