Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am a homeschool Mum

I believe in strong Character Education.

Today I taught my son about Chivilry.

Put down the shovel and say sorry to your sister."

I am a homeschool Mum.

I believe in giving my children a solid grounding in the Sciences.

Today I taught my children about physics: cause and effect...

"If you drop that it will break. See."

and natural history: animal behaviour...

"If you pull that cat's tail it will scratch you. See."

and biology: Human anatomy...

"Honey, there IS still blood inside you. Stop crying and let's just wash that"

and Chemistry

"Dirt will come off better with soap and water. Go and wash your hands again."

I am a homeschool Mum.

I believe in teaching my children about the Scriptures and Worship.

Through Bible study...

"...and King Darius called down to Daniel...What? No, there aren't lions under your bed. King Darius called down...put that down, now. King Darius....YOU stand THERE, NOW. YOU sit THERE, NOW. Keep your hands on your lap while I am reading please. Now, King Nebuchadnezzer...What? Oh yes King Darius, clever kid. Oh, you learned that from VeggieTales. Take your finger out of your nose please."

and singing songs of praise...

"Jesus loves me (put that down now) this I know (NOW) for the Bible tells me so (that is disobedience, come here) little ones to HIM belong...."

I am a homeschool Mum.

I believe in teaching my children about the world around them...

"Did you know that pizza comes from a country named Italy kids? No, not THIS pizza. Yes, you're right, Daddy did buy this one from the shop."

and events of history.

"You know, before cars people rode in horse carts and buggies. No, cars were invented before I was born. Yes, that is a long time ago."

I am a homeschool Mum.

I believe in giving my children life skills.

"Go and make your bed. Now. No, don't argue, now. What? HOW did the sheets get wet? Oh. Just leave it honey, I will do it in a minute. Can you empty the dishwasher instead please?"

I am a homeschool Mum.

I believe in giving my kids the best education I can.

I believe HOME is the most important part of HOMESCHOOL.

It has been one of those weeks, but it's Friday now and I am still glad that I am blessed with these children, this home and this life.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love it, so true the lessons learnt in daily life! :-)

  2. oh I LOVE this. Made me smile so so so much. xo

  3. Oh thank you for the chuckle!

  4. I laughed and LAUGHED!!!

    Thanks friend:-)

    Thanks also for the great articles previous. I really appreciated your perception and putting words to a difficult topic.
    Well done.

  5. Can I post this on my blog? I love it that much and think it MUST be shared with the world. xo

  6. Go ahead Jo! I'd love a link back and an acknowledgment that I wrote it but other than that, spread it 'round!

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I am thinking when I am more pregnant and less mobile I will be blogging more again!