Who are we?

I am Mama Bear, mother of five delights and wife of Papa Bear. I did an education degree back in the pre-children days which I sometimes remember bits of, sometimes even useful bits! But I much prefer teaching my own Baby Bears

"Princess Doc", a six year old girl with strong medical interests currently deciding between being a doctor, medical research scientist (she has a thing for microscopes and experiments) nurse or midwife!

"Farm Boy", a four year old boy who loves all things critter related and currently aspires to be a dairy farmer with a horse named Blaze. And a crocodile.

"Tool Man", a three year old boy with a passion for all things wheels, the faster the better and the attitude of a wombat - if it gets in your way, go through it - if that doesn't work, push harder.

"Pigeon", a two year old girl who uses cute with precise calculation and seeks mischief at every turn. Loves books and babies. Especially undressing her little brother when Mama Bear's back is turned.

"Laughing Boy", born June 2010, my littlest baby coos, laughs, eats, laughs, provides hours of entertainment, laughs, gets cuddles and laughs. And he laughs a lot too.