Thursday, December 31, 2009

Summer Holidays

WHEN do you take school holidays?

Well, it depends really. This year our plan is to have three months of holidays - January, June and December.


January Mama Bear is trying to get the house up to scratch and planning all the school work for the year plus we have a big church camp to go to as well. June, we are having a new baby and we are taking a bit of time to get into the groove before hitting the books again and December is all about Christmas Prep and cleaning.


Well, so far our holidays seem to be about me looking around wishing someone would do the housework, Princess Doc digging through the shelves to find anything that remotely looks like school work so she can do it and the younger ones bubbling along much as usual! Oh, I did take some time out to read a real grown up NOVEL or two as well. Princess Doc is not a fan of holidays and is champing at the bit to get back into school work but this is HOMEschool and the HOME part is probably why we need to take holidays most. A few weeks where we can give everything a good scrub and evaluate the direction we are taking gives clarity. Plus, I think Mama Bear deserves a few weeks hibernation, don't you?

What do holidays look like at your house?

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