Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

We finish up "school" by December 1 so we can focus on getting ready for Christmas.

Things we do to get ready for Christmas include:

* Getting the house in order - some people spring clean, we summer clean!

* Preparing cards and gifts - we usually try to have this done by the last week of November, this year I'm settling for the second week of December!

* Creating a Jessie Tree - this year we are doing a reading each day and colouring a picture to stick up on the wall. I have strung up tinsel in the shape of a Christmas tree and we're filling it in as we go through the readings. We are really enjoying reminding ourselves of the "old" stories and placing the nativity in context! I use some resources that I found here

* We have fun! During this time I try and arrange cooking together, playing games, watching movies, reading books, going on walks and all those things that we love to do and normally only squeak in once or twice a week if we're lucky.

Our most recent addition to our celebrations is our gratitude chain.

We make a paper chain the usual way (step by step instructions here if you haven't done it before) except on each strip of paper we write and/or draw a blessing we have received this year. The blessings are many and varied - from answered prayer, to elephants; from safety and health to grass; from financial security to lollies! We will be adding to our chain as we prepare for Christmas with an attitude of gratitude.

God Bless you this Christmas Season!

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